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Point Of Sale

Streamline your retail business operation with QuickBooks POS
QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale delivers real-time inventory management that can help you grow your business. Integrating inventory management just got a whole lot easier. Check POS Compare Here.


QuickBooks POS easily syncs with your QuickBooks Desktop to run reports like tax liability, financial statements, inventory assets, and cost of goods sold. Eliminating double data entry

Easily manage your inventory – see what items are selling so you know what to reorder and when. Know what profit you’re making on every item and identify what discounts to offer

Get tools tailored to your industry

QuickBooks Desktop Premier fulfill the industry-specific needs of your business; General Business, Contractor & Constructions, Manufacturing & Wholesale, Nonprofit organization, Professional Services, and Retail. Learn more.

Small Retail Businesses

Grows with your business

With QuickBooks POS, it’s easy to add new SKUs or a second license so you can ring up customers twice as fast. If you’re starting a second store, you can automatically transfer data and inventory – no need to start from scratch. Sell consignment inventory and track the whole process in the system.

Try a demo of QuickBooks Online to get a feel for how it works, risk-free.

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A point of sale solution that fits your business

Ring sales with an optional barcode scanner, a Microsoft Surface® Pro 4,1,2 or just manually enter item names or numbers. Inventory is updated with every sale, order, and return. See what’s selling and what’s not with detailed sales and inventory reports. Know exactly what to reorder and when. See customer histories like balance due, available credit, and special offers with every transaction. Reward your best customers with a loyalty program tracked in your POS system.

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