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Intuit Education is here to help your school develop the next generation of entrepreneurs and accountants with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

QuickBooks Certified User Desktop version

The QBCU certifies on basic accounting knowledge and utilities of the QuickBooks Desktop software that includes pre-built sample companies. QuickBooks Desktop is a one-time download accounting software.

QuickBooks Certified User Online version

The QuickBooks Certified User Online exam will test candidates on the basic accounting knowledge in the cloud-based software that provides the flexibility to take care of business anytime and anywhere.

In preparation for the QuickBooks Certified User exam, we've put together a set of practice exercises and example exam questions for you to review. These materials are meant to help you familiarize yourself with the areas of the exam, but it is not comprehensive across all the objectives.


We're in it together

In a world where technology has increased the pace of innovation, speed to market and heightened employer expectations, partnerships play an integral role in driving stronger benefits to students, and accelerated growth with speed and agility.

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