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How it works with QuickBooks

Connect to PayPal is the seamless, smart, and simple way to bring your PayPal transactions into QuickBooks. Via a direct connection with PayPal, we'll retrieve any balance affecting transactions you have in PayPal and display them in your QuickBooks banking tab. You can then easily edit, categorize and match transactions to ensure your books are accurate and up to date.


Your PayPal transactions including sales, fees, purchases and transfers are sent to QuickBooks for review. Once connected, you will be able to review your transactions and add them to your books - just like a bank. PayPal fees will be added as a separate expense account so you can save time and no longer enter them manually. And, when creating reports, you'll have better insights into how your business is doing.


Key benefits

  • Review your transactions. With Connect to PayPal, you can review all your transactions before you add them into QuickBooks.
  • Get more detail. Where available, Sales receipts will capture line level detail such as items sold, discounts, shipping and tax.
  • Track fees separately. When adding a transaction from PayPal. we'll automatically record the PayPal fees for you to an expense account of your choice so you don't have to enter them by hand.


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