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Data Migration to QuickBooks

Migrating your accounting system can be daunting. Depending on how long you’ve been in business there may be several GB of data, and your current accounting system is likely not a 1-to-1 match with QuickBooks.

Working with Alnada you’ll have a dedicated migration specialist who will assess your unique situation, determine which QuickBooks products you’ll need, and work with you to develop a phased migration plan. We also employ full time programmers who will manage the export, cleaning, and import of your historical data. Post-migration, your team will be fully trained on the new system, and we’ll help you put efficient processes in place that allow you to make the most of your new system.


Alnada has performed hundreds of QuickBooks data migrations from different products across many different industries. Whether you’re a an early-stage startup using Excel, or an established business looking to streamline your accounting, we can help you migrate to Quickbooks.



> Ensure all your most important business history is migrated. 
> Feel confident that all historical data will be properly migrated to the new system.

> Speed up the time to migration.
> Reduce time spent working in two systems and eliminate double entry.

> Ensure your system is set up correctly – all tables and databases are working and your bank accounts are properly linked.

> Get more out of your QuickBooks.
> We can show you how to use the 150+ out-of-the-box reports, and custom create reports unique to your business.

> Build on top of your QuickBooks.
> We have experienced programmers who can leverage the QuickBooks API to build modules and add-ons.

> Have an ongoing support team to troubleshoot issues and ensure your QuickBooks is growing with your business.


  1. Examination of client's current data
  2. Preparing a project scope of work
  3. Confirming the project SOW with client
  4. Starting the migration process
  5. Reviewing and verifying results
  6. Confirming results with client
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